Changing neighborhood demographics may have altered the ethnic makeup of Most Holy Trinity’s congregation, but the love and devotion to religion has never changed.

That was especially evident on Christmas Eve, 2008, when the traditional holiday Mass saw a blend of Irish, African American and Hispanic congregants.
That’s largely the doing of Father Rev. Russell E Kohler, who has kept the faith strong in the face of changing times and delivered a truly inspirational Christmas sermon.

The neighborhood surrounding Most Holy Trinity is known as Corktown, the county in Ireland from which most of Detroit's Irish immigrants came. As the Irish became increasingly assimilated into Detroit's larger culture and moved into other areas of the city, Corktown became home to a variety of ethnic groups, including Maltese, African Americans, and Mexicans. To meet the needs of the growing Mexican population in the area, the archdiocese assigned a priest to the parish who would become identified with it for decades--Father Clement Kern (1907-1983). Under Father Kern, Most Holy Trinity became a major center for Latino American residents in southwest Detroit.

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