The Italian American Cultural Society

The Italian American Cultural Society, a tax-exempt foundation, was established in 1957 by a small group of dedicated visionaries, who dreamed of developing a meeting place where Italian Americans could gather to preserve the traditions, values, and customs of their ancient land. These concerned few planned a community-oriented structure in which to develop cultural programs and educational services attuned to enhancing the lifestyles of all Italian Americans, indeed the entire community. Operated by the Italian American Cultural Society, the Center is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the membership. Directors serve voluntarily and receive no compensation. An advisory board of directors, comprised of representatives from various clubs and associations, and advisors from the academic community freely donate their knowledge and expertise. A full-time staff of administrative, clerical, and maintenance personnel is employed by the Society. The Center's primary sources of revenue are received from fees for the use of the facilities, payments for educational courses and programs, and contributions from individuals, organizations, and foundations, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Italy.

It is the Center's privilege and enjoyment to showcase a host of community activities throughout the year from which revenues are also received. These include: Festa Italiana in the summertime and the annual Columbus Day Celebration, plus a myriad of cultural, educational, historical, patriotic, and social programs all sponsored by either the Society or by other groups and associations. These projects supply the resources necessary to maintain the facility and supplements revenues produced by the Center. The Center sponsors one of the largest Senior Citizens groups. Members are provided with a monthly schedule of daytime activities that include classes in crafts, dance programs, and card games.

Tivoli Manor, an 80-unit housing complex sponsored by the Center, provides living quarters for seniors and is one of the few accommodations of its type in Warren, Michigan. Tivoli Manor is a unique dwelling place in which our seniors not only find a home, but are also fulfilled in their venerable years with a wonderful life that enhances their dignity, offers respect for their abilities, and challenges them to take an active role in the affairs of their community.

Italian language classes are also offered at the Center through the Education Department. There is a full four-year program, and students begin at the appropriate level, thanks to the proficiency tests which they may take if they have studied Italian previously. Covering all four language skills, listening, speaking, reading, and writing, classes run in fall and spring for two 15-week semesters, to parallel neighboring public school schedules. There are also Saturday morning classes for children. Instructors are highly qualified in teaching philosophy, methods, and proper use of materials effectively. It should be noted that high school students may receive graduation credit from their own schools for work done here at the Center, subject to prior approval and some conditions about their general academic performance.

The Center's many cultural endeavors have included traditional Italian achievements and festivals; a cultural/heritage lecture series; art exhibits and displays; musical programs of all kinds; historical and patriotic observations; and a diverse array of activities and events planned to assist in the enrichment and enjoyment of our members and the citizens of our community.

The Italian Cultural & Community Center at Partridge Creek Banquet & Conference Center, the Center for Italian American culture in southeastern Michigan, is located at 43843 Romeo Plank Road, Clinton Township, Michigan. The Italian American Cultural Center is a complete facility for the education and enjoyment of its members and the surrounding community. A schedule of ongoing and upcoming programs and projects is enclosed. As you can see, we have planned a much broader line-up of entertaining functions for your pleasure.