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Tony Filippis

Livonia Travel

Venice and Fonte De Amore in October

October 14th - Pasta and Art

October 11th - Sergio De Giusti

October 9th - Joe Selvaggio and Aldo Ottavini

October 6th Weekend - Basso, Ficano, and Columbus Day Celebrations

October 2nd - The East side Italian restaurant king, Da Edoardo's Patriarch going strong at 89

October 1st - A Do-it-Yourself Tradition is a Recurring Theme in Italian-American Households

September 30th - Opera and the Andrea Doria

September 28th - While we all sleep Nino Salvaggio buyer shops

September 24th - Passionate Winemaking with Tony Ciccone

September 24th - Paul Cicchini - Italian tailor extraordinaire

September 20th - Signora Rina gives emotional look back to her partner/husband Adriano Ed Barbieri Jr. at Da Edoardo in Grosse
Pointe Woods.

September 18th - Wine making and Opera with Felice

September 16th - Stante excavation and a Traditional Italian Wedding

September 13th - Home Wine Making with Felice

September 13th - Two of Detroit’s most important when it comes to food.

September 11th - Father Schiavi / Wujek - Calcaterra Funeral Homes

September 10th - Fearais, Hand made pasta and bocce

September 6th - Funeral of Filippo Giambanco

August 30th - Andiamo Chefs Come Together to Serve Lunch
for the Homeless

August 25th - 29th - Food Buying Journey In Italy with Anthony Tocco from Carmela Foods

August 19th / 20th - Gardening and dinning with passionate gentlemen.

June - Production Began