What We've Learned Along The Way

A key component of ‘Our Story Of…’ is the wisdom that Detroit’s elders and immagrants—whatever their nationalities—have to offer. In many senses, some of these voices are being heard for the last time. It is with great pride and affection that we chronicle some of words of wisdom that we’ve come across throughout this project.

Some brief examples

“ Each generation must be left better off than the last…our job is to leave this world a better place “ Mr. Anthony Filippis 90 years old

“ Live life to the fullest before it passes you by” Ms. Anna Maria (Pittiglio) Lani 58 years old

“ I Thank God for giving me this life . I had worked so hard for, I never expected to live so long” Luigi Giovannane 95 years old

“ Outlook and positive thinking are more valuable than any money you can obtain” Joseph Onni 91 years old

“ Im still here” Elizabeth Pilot 91 +